Compact NUMMI TT and SUT tipping cylinder

Single cylinder NUMMI TT and SUT underbody tipping cylinders can be used for both three-way tipping and rear-end tipping. These models are characterized by small dimensions, so they can be fitted even to the cramped chassis of modern trucks.

Fast and durable

Being small in size, TT and SUT tipping cylinders are
light so payload of the truck is hardly affected. The hydraulic oil volume is small making the tipping cylinder lighter and faster as well. TT and SUT models can be used for three-way tipping because the cylinder has a rotating joint in the chassis and the body. The way the cylinders are mounted makes them free from side loads. Together with the hard chrome-plating this makes long life cycle possible.

For over 10 meter long bodies

NUMMI underbody-tipping cylinder model range consists of models for smaller vehicles as well as for over 10-meter long trailer bodies. A high 250 bar operating pressure makes sure the lifting power is sufficient for heavier bodies as well.


To be easily fitted to different trucks and applications

The TT-cradle design makes it easy to adjust the mounting height. TT and SUT tipping-gears differ from each other by the cradle and the tipping angle limiter.

NUMMI underbody tipping cylinders have proved their reliability over time and they are now amongst the most used underbody tipping gears in the Europe.