NUMMI special cylinders

As well as the standard models, NUMMI has many tipping cylinders designed for specific tasks.

Chip and peat cylinder

LT cylinders are suitable for use in chip and peat transport solutions. Cylinders are available both as single and double acting, for example a model with 4 stages of which the two smallest ones are double acting. This makes it possible to pull back the body after it has passed the tipping roll center. To provide the necessary safety, model range also includes 9 ton hydraulic support legs supplied with locking valves for truck or trailer.

Double acting telescopic cylinders

These cylinders are designed according to customer requirements. Standard tube diameters are presented in product catalog ( Double acting telescopic cylinders are used in e.g. refuse collecting and sewer cleaning vehicles and in other special vehicles.


Taylor made cylinders

The starting point of the design is a customer specific need in different operating conditions, in industry vehicles or lifting devices.Typical applications are mining machines, concrete moulds and special vehicles. 

Standard technology for leading mining vehicles

The world's leading special purpose vehicle manufacturers such as Sandvik and Cargotec have chosen NUMMI cylinders for their applications.